our origins & mission


We had seen many of us from the communities been judged for a poor fashion of sense. Our founder, Chan, aim to bring loves to the communities. It had become clear that the only way to cater to a growing market of ACG wearable, for those who wanted stylish, timeless but interesting clothes was to take matters into his own hands. And that’s how Hibiki Art Wear, as a concept, was created. At first, we tested the waters with a series of pop-up shops, and having found our target market, we decided to expand and open an online store. 


We here at Hibiki Art Wear want to guide our fellow otaku to dress with confidence. We are here for those who don’t have a big budget to spend on overpriced yet obtain the same level as for the street wears does. We empower individuals who want to go for a timeless and stylish but still unique way of dressing up for both work and leisure. We want to break the norms that dictate the mainstream otaku fashion.
Second, to bring our local artist artwork to a connection with consumers daily life style. It would be cool to see many of our local artist's proud artworks to functions as a fashionable street wears. To have a style made with loves, Hibiki Art Wear united all of us